Fletcher: Shows & Studios

Many Struggles G. Whitman

Fletcher Neal Hutchison (Citadel co-founder) on the vibes & Kiki on bass in an acoustic rendition of "Many Struggles" during one of many Citadel performances at The Distillery on the infamous OSU campus High Street Strip.  Other venues that the trio frequented includes Ruby Tuesday's and The Agora.  It was also during this time that Citadel recorded songs at the Recording Workshop.


Citadel in Ohio: Ruby Tuesday's Reunion

After relocating to California and completing an album with Matt & Ian, the Whitmans made a stop in their hometown hangout, Ruby Tuesdays.  Fletch learned a whole new set in two nights.  The house was packed, Labatt's on tap and the set even featured a song with brothers, Bob & Mike George.  Jaz sang a "Happy Birthday" at intermission to Fletch that few will forget.

Citadel Rocks PF '93

The Whitmans are joined in this frame by Jeff Martin and Fletcher during "Mid-Winter's Morning Chant" at PF93, Royce Hall, UCLA.  The band co-founded, funded and produced this event with indie-prog record labels.  This was Citadel's last show with Fletcher, who passed away not long after.  Fletcher was the second musician to believe Citadel music had potential, he gave his all to every project.  We will all miss him and treasure our memories of his love.

Fletcher Neal Hutchison

Fletch flew with his family from Ohio just to play with Citadel @ ProgFest 93.  He broke in PF93 special band members, Jeff Martin (guitars) & Jim Anderson (violin) during rehearsals with John & Brad Ettore - taking over musical direction of the set while the Whitman's worked on the event production and administration.  One fond memory we all have is sitting in the Hutchison hotel room two nights before the show, eating pizza and laminating the event band and staff badges.  Dedication!


Fletcher Neal Hutchison

Friend, co-founder, drummer and co-producer of Citadel Fletch pounded the first show in '79 at the Agora, and the last show at PF93 at UCLA's Royce Hall.  We were all saddened and stunted by his early passing.  Carrying his legacy are wife Beth, and children A.J. & Sarah.

Ruby Tuesday's

Fletch watches intently for the cue to start "Mid-Winter's Night Dream" after the guitar intro.  His impeccable timing, accurate memory and inspired lyrical style brought class and distinction to each time signature & every tonal mood.  W.E. will be releasing CD's next year including many previously unreleased Citadel songs featuring Fletcher.


Fletcher Neal Hutchison

We all love you Fletch, we thank you for all your time and dedication.  Your ideas, hard work, intelligent direction and honorable wisdom.  Most of all, we thank you for making us feel good about ourselves when we were around you.  Your smile and easygoing attitude is one we all aspire to even unto this day!  THANKS!!!

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